Seaglass Towel Surf Dress / Yellow Rainbow Fabric

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Stay comfy and stylish with our new After Surf Dress!

Made of 100% cotton towel it keeps you dry and warm after your swim or surf session and gives you essential shelter while changing your cloths. A useful piece for a perfect Summer day at the beach!

The design of this exotic overswim mixes seaglass towel with traditional woven Mexican fabric with bright rainbow colours inside the hoody for a unique ethnic style.

It’s shape has been conceived to fit women of all sizes and could be adjusted with its waist string.

This towel dress was produced by artisans of Mayan backgrounds in a small family-run workshop in Yucatan, Mexico. Meet the people who made it by clicking here.

Our Surf Dress is machine washable and fast drying.


100% Mexican Cotton
Handcrafted Mexican woven fabric (100% Acrilic)


This product is only available in standard size: 45 cm waist x 77 cm long

Out of stock

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