Up-cycled Baby Surf Poncho


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We firmly believe that saving, transforming and reusing old materials & leftovers is an excellent way to reduce waste and at the same time create original pieces!  In tune with our values this year we are happy to launch our initiative to bring you an up-cycled baby hooded towel!

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Our Up-cylced baby surf poncho is made with fabric scraps and leftovers from our yearly production.

The designs keeps the same shape as our classic baby surf poncho and mixes scraps of 100% cotton towel, microfibre towel and our colourful traditional Merxican fabrics in the hoody and pockets. This baby beach robe it is also cleverly designed to be folded inside the hoody to be carried as a little bag.

As an upcycled product we are not able to standardise the design, therefore this poncho can come in different colours and combinations from the one in the picture! But trust us it will be always beautiful, original and unique!

Perfect for toddlers from 0 to 3 years old our baby surf poncho comes with an adjustable system that allows you to shorten the length to fit your little one’s height.

All of our toddler beach robes are machine washable and fast drying.


100% Mexican Cotton
Mexican woven fabric (100% Acrilic)

Measures: 50 cm wide x 45 cm long

The baby surf ponchos are produced by artisans of Mayan backgrounds in a small family-run workshop in Yucatan, Mexico.

Meet the people who made this poncho by clicking here.

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