Mexican Blanket, Ethnic Beach Rug or Sarape – Sundown

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The Sarapes are authentic Mexican blankets made by hand using a woven loom. This traditional technique is practiced all over Mexico with patterns that differ and have unique meaning for each ethnic culture. The design of this particular one is known as Saltillo, inspired by the sunset colours of the desert in the North of Mexico.

Our sarapes are made of thick acrylic wool fabric which makes them warm and resistant through time. They could be used as a beach rug or an original blanket to warm you up and decorate your couch, bed or van with an exotic touch.

This particular ethnic rug or sarape has been made in the state of Tlaxcala in central Mexico by talented crafstmen and crafstwomen who have continued to pass their expertise from generation to generation.

Have a glance to know who made this Sarape and more behind this ancestral tradition of the Mexican culture by clicking here.

Measures : 2,10 x 1,25 meters

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