Who Made my Hammock?
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A Mayan Heritage
Our hammocks are hand woven by Mayan indians of the Yucatan peninsula. This ancestral hammock technique has its origins before the time of Collumbus and has been passed down from generation to generation.
We invite you to read a little bit more about this beautiful tradition that today brings an important income to the Mayan communities and represents an essential part of the Mayan heritage.
 About the Mayan Hammock Tradition… 
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Hammocks are handmade on a wooden loom built with strong tree branches. Woven with nylon or cotton threads each hammock takes in average one week to be completed.
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Hammocks are made at home and allows men and women to take care of their household and family while weaving to make a living.
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The hammock technique is passed down from generation to generation and allows the Mayan community to preserve an ancestral knowledge.
Working closely with the Mayan community we create unique designs full of history.

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