Who Made my Poncho?
A Family Story
Our surf ponchos come to life in a small workshop in the city of Merida in the Yucatan, Mexico, a town reknown for its fine textiles. And is not by sheer coincidence that the magic happens there, the workshop belongs to the family of Pakal’s CEO, Michele!
With a small team of 8 craftmen of Mayan background, Michele and her parents manage every year our production with extreme care and dedication. A small-scale model that allows us to ensure quality products, the team’s well-being and reduce textile waist to a minimum.
As a Family run-business we are proud to be close to every single person involved in the production process. Honored of working with such a fantastic team, we are proud to introduce them to you! Take a glance to the people who helped make this awesome poncho!
Candy Web
Nely Web
Raul Web

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