Playa Cotton Hammock with Hanging Tassels / Cappuccino Beige


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This elegant cappuccino hammock has been woven by hand during more than a week in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Made with cotton threads this traditional mayan hammock has been finished with beautiful hanging tassels in the edges.

To chill in the inside or in the garden our hammocks will decorate the space with a natural elegance.

Our hammocks are 4 meters long and extremely wide! You can nap alone, in couple or with the whole family! Furthermore, the resistance of the threads can stand through rain, time and over 500 kg of weight!

Due to their woven technique our Hammocks are fresh and are ideal for a siesta in a hot day. In fact in the Yucatan temperature is often over 35° C and thus their hammock technique is made to bring freshness through the knits to ensure a comfy and longer siesta.

Our hammocks are sold with special ropes to hang them and are packed in a small tote bag to carry easily.

Have a glance to know who made your hammock and more behind this ancestral tradition of the Mayan community by clicking here.

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COMPOSITION: 100% Cotton

COLOR: This handmade hammock is woven with elegant cappuccino beige color threads.

MEASURES: Our Mayan hammocks are 4 meters long and come with a pair of extension ropes to adjust the height from the ground when hanging.

CAPACITY: This hammock is perfect to nap alone but it can support up to 2 persons.

MADE IN: Tixcocob, Yucatán, Mexico. Discover who made your hammock and more behind this ancestral tradition of the Mayan community by clicking here.


To use your hammock you will need two anchors at an approximate height of 1.8 mts (6 ft.) and 4 mts (19.7 ft) distance from one another.

The extension ropes are a basic accessory that comes along with your Pakal Handmade Hammock. Always use this pair of ropes to attache your hammock to a tree, column or wall anchor. The ropes will allow you to hang your hammock at optimal height and width for a pleasent rest.


Hand wash your Mayan hammock. 1. Fill up a bucket of warm water and two ounces of mild detergent. 2. Tie both arms of the hammock together in an overhand-knot to prevent strings from tangling. 3. Gently turn and compress the hammock inside the bucket. 4. Drain the bucket and refill it with clean water, and rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining soap. When the water runs clear, your hammock is clean.

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