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  • Up-cycled Baby Surf Poncho


    We firmly believe that saving, transforming and reusing old materials & leftovers is an excellent way to reduce waste and at the same time create original pieces!  In tune with our values this year we are happy to launch our initiative to bring you an up-cycled baby hooded towel!

  • Terra Crochet Hammock / Burgundy Red


    This comfortable hammock in Burgundy red has been woven by hand during more than a week in the Yucatan Peninsula.

    Made with nylon threads this traditional mayan hammock has been finished with a beautiful hanging crochet in the edges

    To chill in the inside or in the garden our hammocks will decorate the space with a natural elegance.

    Our hammocks are 4 meters long and extremely wide! You can nap alone, in couple or with the whole family! Furthermore, the resistance of the woven threads can stand through rain, time and over 500 kg of weight!

    Due to their woven technique our Hammocks are fresh and are ideal for a siesta in a hot day. In fact in the Yucatan temperature is often over 40° C and thus their hammock technique is made to bring freshness through the knits to ensure a comfy and longer siesta.

    Our hammocks are sold with special ropes to hang them and are packed in a small tote bag to carry easily.





  • Seaglass Surf Poncho/Blue Wave Pattern


    The Seaglass surf poncho is made with soft plush 100% cotton towel. The design mixes handmade Mexican blue woven fabric with a colourful wave pattern inside the hoody and pockets giving a unique ethnic style!

    Our exotic changing poncho keeps you warm after an exciting surf session and gives you an essential shelter from winds and cold breezes while getting in and out of your wetsuit. In fact, Pakal, means “refuge” in Mayan language!

    But the virtues of this beach poncho do not stop here, you can also fold it inside the hoody to carry as a stylish bag, leaving your hands free for carrying your surfboard/bodyboard or even your beloved ones!

    Our surf ponchos are produced by artisans of Mayan backgrounds in a small family-run workshop in Yucatan, Mexico.

    Meet the people who made this poncho by clicking here.

    All of our ponchos are machine washable and fast drying.


    100% Mexican Cotton
    Mexican hand made fabric (100% Acrilic)


    This product is only available in standard size: 82 x 105 cm

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